Africa Full Scale Project

Mojo fullscale studio NPO/ Ithuba Skills College
with participation of Davide Barbieri & Thomas Kain

YEAR: 2009
LOCATION: Magagula Heights, South Africa



Ithuba Skills College




A residential building
for the teaching staff -
a minimal space volume
for living and sleeping.

Planning and building a school-building for the ITHUBA SKILLS COLLEGE, located in the slums of Magagula close to Johannesburg. The target of the project was to create a residential building for the teaching staff.  Starting point was the development of typologies for a minimal space volume, for every function. Living, sleeping and sanitary unities were composed like a jigsaw puzzles that produced varying models of the building. Thrilling was to develope and manage a project with little money. Conspicuously in this project is the window pattern that twines around the house. The base for this pattern were South African standard windows. Also the furniture was planned following the pattern and heights of this grid system. The building consists of a mixed construction. The whole building was established by students.