House for HAL

YEAR: 2014



Living Architecture




The aim is to create 
a living architecture that will not 
exclude nature
but tries to be part of it.

Think tank Holon Architecture Laboratory (HAL) is a newly formed research group. HAL’s manifesto outlines architecture as a system that could be described as an Holarchy, in which each multi system is influenced by the three variable media: Time, Environment and User. Since the environment influences the humans and viceversa, a life long feedback loop of mutual influence takes part in a process of mutual grow.
The aim is to create a living architecture which will not exclude the nature but tries to be part of it. It assumes the natural process of an organism that grows and matures, starting from an old garage. 
HAL needs an intimate environment for the concepts to be found out and developed. Ideas can flow easily in a more familiar space, and people can integrate their living lifestyle with the research work.
The building has been conceived from a single open and fluid space that is softly divided in sub-spaces connected. A common movement from the kitchen to the studio is slow down by running into some places that let you be inspired.
You can have a feedback and inspiration in seeing other’s work, you train all the senses in perceiving other’s presence.