Dreaming Wall

YEAR: 2014



yellow submarine

Das Kinderforschungs - Uboot



The natural Park is characterized
by scattered stone walls,
which create a sort of light stripes
in the landscape.

The aim of the competition was to create a minimal sleep area, in the natural park of Cantarcell, witch acts as a conference structure. The natural park is characterized by scattered stone walls, witch create a sort of light strips in the landscape, build years ago from the previours land ovners. These stone walls were the inspiration to my project, since i was fascinated by the way these external elements were placed in the landscape in such a natural way. My intention was to adapt them to the man’s essential needs such as sleep possibility, storage space, and konversation room. The idea was to create wood boxes. The front side of the box, witch has wooden windows, can be complety opened. Where as one half of the back side of the box has a fixed glazing, and the other half is closed. The front part oft he box has a slight ledge to create the possibility to seat on it. The box sizes are minimal: 2m x 1m x 1.20m.  The landscape should not have been upsetted and the project has to be in harmony with it. This design project will be build in summer 2015, and these narrow wood boxes will be one of the many sleeping possibilities in Cantercell natural park.