Rome Community Ring

YEAR: 2015



Urban Intervention




RCR accommodates a dense
functional mix - from a boxing
club over a senior center,
housing, Shops to a kindergarten ...


A ring-like structure is what we have chosen as the daring statement meanderingaround a fortress in a suburban-like district in Rome, Italy. It accommodates a dense functional mix, from a boxing club, over a senior centre to a butcher, a flower shop and a kindergarden and so forth, besides a wide range of other uses.

As the ring is moving to and from the fortress it creates different spatial situations in the form of areas andsquares. On the outside of the ring, these areas are the expansion of the urban environmentof the surrounding blocks. Thus they ad a public city landscape with different temporarilyinhabitable planes, steps and sports areas to the existing surrounding. The wooden frames forming the ring are filtering the urban liveliness of theoutside and are like a curtain hung between the city and the greenoasis on the inside. We define entrances and a walkway which follows the ringand the given topography of the hybrid of nature and fortification. The formermoat partly serves as a greenhouse for organic supermarkets sitting inthe levels above.  Through the measures we set, this old venue,which originally was built to keep people out, has the great potential to do thevery opposite and invite them in.Here is but one of many scenarios which could take place at forte portuense:The children from the kindergardentake lessons inthe dance school once a week. Some spectators from the senior centre nearby chuckle at the first attempts their grandchildren make. In the city archives some of the elders assist the employees from time to timeand ad little pieces to the long history of their home city. None of which the boxers at the trainingcentre just a minute away are taking notice - they want to become a legend themselves.